Do you have a new product or service you need to get the word out about? Do you have a sales force that needs leads? Let Shoreline Communications Group be your bridge to obtaining new business. Your existing clients need to know about the latest products and services you offer. We can help you to build and execute a successful outbound campaign to accomplish this.
We are also experts in helping you to expand your client base by performing a professionally produced and executed outbound marketing campaign. Don’t make the mistake of repurposing your outbound sales force into lead prospectors. Shoreline Communications Representatives are seasoned marketing reps with the experience needed to get to the decision maker

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Our reps will be fully trained on your campaign. We will continue the training process throughout the campaign. Webinars and conference calls are tools that we use with our clients to learn the appropriate information. Continual role playing will also be done throughout the program.

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Programs

Generating new business is our specialty. Let us help you find new business by effectively “calling business owners and decision makers.” Our professional outbound marketers have both the experience and skills needed to get your sales force in front of the right person.

Direct Sales Campaigns

Do you have a product or service you wish to sell that does not require an in person visit? Shoreline Communications Group will execute a successful campaign geared towards the direct sale of your product/service

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About us

Lee White

Founded by industry leader Lee White, Shoreline Communications Group is a progressive and groundbreaking marketing firm serving clients throughout the Unites States. Lee has worked in the outbound call center industry for almost 30 years beginning at the age of 16. Aside from his business interests Lee’s life interests are his family, sports and the beach. Lee hosts a part time online Sports Show focusing on the Philadelphia Sports Scene which can be seen on Spreecast.com. Lee’s core beliefs, honesty, understanding, hard work and an outstanding ability to communicate are the same core beliefs that Shoreline Communications Group is built on. These values shine through in every campaign we work on. Whether your company is looking to market a new product or service or just reach out to your existing client base, Shoreline Communications Group enjoys helping our clients achieve their goals. Effort, honesty and hard work are the key ingredients that we put into every campaign, with one goal in mind, helping your business grow.

Do you have a new product or service you need to get the word out about?
Do you have a sales force that needs leads?
Let Shoreline Communications Group be your bridge to obtaining new business.

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